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About Firm

AleksaMarkService, Ltd. (www.AleksaMarkService.com™) specializes on rendering of high quality services in the field of intellectual property — Registration of Trademarks, Patenting and protection of Copyrights for Clients all over the world. Our Clients are commercial firms and entrepreneurs, manufacturers and retailers, FMCG, IT, and any other businesses and individuals, in Russia and abroad.

Also, the firm attends to professional drawing up and registration of the License and any other Contracts concerning creation and use of objects of intellectual property - between authors, holders of the rights, distributors, ultimate users, etc.

We register Computer programs and we protect Copyrights of Clients.

We grant individual consultations and we represent the Client in court and other official organs.

There is the separate specialized direction in firm Patenting in the field of Medicine (medical devices and surgical instruments; medical products and pharmaceutical preparations; etc.).

The firm makes professional translation from and on any languages - translation of legal documents and/or specific texts on any subjects from any areas of a science and engineering.

www.AleksaMarkService.com™ works on an optimum system of taxation and the optimum scheme of local presence at Russia. Plus, we do not pursue a considerable quantity of clients, and we aspire to render qualitative services to all clients under the reasonable prices.

At necessity, the firm can render consulting and other services in management of a portfolio of intellectual property of the enterprise. We name this our service - Management of intellectual property.

www.AleksaMarkService.com™ will make the maximum efforts for giving every possible assistance to clients and partners in protection of intellectual property rights of the Client, will operate honesty and fairly to run business.

Special Offer 1:

Trademark check (TM search) on base of the registered trade marks of the Russian Federation, including the international registration with indication of Russia. Drafting of the report from the patent attorney, based on the results of search, with prospects of registration and recommendations. Term - 1 day.
€50 ($75)!!!

Special Offer 2:

Preparing a material and filing an application for trademark registration in Russian Patent Office. Receipt of filing certificate and transfer certificate with the priority of the trademark to the customer. Period of performance - one day. Monitoring of the application and examination of the trademark. Support.
€300 ($400)!!!


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