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International registration of trademarks

www.AleksaMarkService.com™ renders professional services on the international registration of trademarks in all countries of the World.

International registration of trademarks is in accordance with international agreements in this area (international system of registration of marks), as well as on individual schemes.

If you have any questions and you want to get an advice, please contact us at any convenient for you method.

International registration of trademark in several countries at once1

(extension if you have trademark in Russia or in another State; more than 85 countries; saving the Conventional priority - in the case of the accelerated national registration)

Specification of servicesTermFees, tariffs of Rospatent in Euro ($)
international fee in Swiss francs²
Cost of services, in Euro ($)

International registration of a trademark under the Madrid Agreement concerning the international registration of trademarks or the Protocol relating to the Madrid Agreement concerning the international registration of trademarks in several countries at once.
Paperwork on the application, expertise maintenance.
Execution of international Certificate on the international registration of trademark.

2-5 months€200 ($300)
International fee⁴
International fee⁴
€700 ($1000)¹

1 concerning verbal trademark for the 1th class of goods and services
2 one Swiss franc at a rate approximately equal 1 dollar
3 to be paid out if is realized immediately after accelerated registration in the Russian Federation, preserving the Conventional priority
4 international fee is calculated individually. For example, if the extension at 4 countries-Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova - the international fee is: 1053 Swiss francs; for each additional country international fee increases approximately 100 Swiss francs.

Registration of a trademark in any one foreign State

Specification of servicesFees, tariffsCost of services, in Euro ($)
1.Filing trademark application on the national procedure in the foreign State.*€250 ($350)
2.Filing of the query, examination report.*€50 ($75)
3.Filing of the response examination request or decision, complaints, protest statement.*€100 ($150)
4.Working out specifications, search, preparing of response, objections, letter-consent, comment, protest statement.from €100 ($150) for an hour
5.Filing of certificate.*€50 ($75)
6.Extension of the Certificate term.*€250 ($350)
7.Registration the change of the name, assignment of the rights, license agreement.*€250 ($350)
8.Search.*€150 ($200)

* it is calculated individually, depending on the country, national fees and tariffs

If you have any questions and you want to get an advice, please contact us at any convenient for you method.

Special Offer 1:

Trademark check (TM search) on base of the registered trade marks of the Russian Federation, including the international registration with indication of Russia. Drafting of the report from the patent attorney, based on the results of search, with prospects of registration and recommendations. Term - 1 day.
€50 ($75)!!!

Special Offer 2:

Preparing a material and filing an application for trademark registration in Russian Patent Office. Receipt of filing certificate and transfer certificate with the priority of the trademark to the customer. Period of performance - one day. Monitoring of the application and examination of the trademark. Support.
€300 ($400)!!!


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